“Ode Now” presents Johan Boswinkel

Learning the essentials of Biontology™
and Biophoton Light Therapy

• What are biophotons?

• How can biophoton therapy aid in a wide range of diseases/conditions?

• How has Johan Boswinkel’s machine ‘The Chiren®’ revolutionized Biontology™?

Johan on Cancer
 Johan on Asthma
Johan on Whiplash
Johan on Obesity
Johan on Chronic Fatigue
Johan on Chronic Fatigue
GAIAM TV – Interview with Johan Boswinkel
Dr. Mercola on Root Canals
“Dangers of Root Canals”
My Healing Room Interview – Interview with Johan Boswinkel
Dr. Cook Alternative Medical Conference PART I
Dr. Cook Alternative Medical Conference Part II
Dr. Cook’s TV interview on “BalancingAct”

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